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Right Femur by L-E-M Right Femur :iconl-e-m:L-E-M 2 3
Sleepless Nights to...
late nights and
sleepless hours
pushed to madness in
these hours of
mental torture
to wake every
ten minutes to see
the clock moved
but only barely
all those sleepless
nights, alone in your room
hiding away from the world
from those who
see your pain
if you never
say then they'll
never know the hurt
in your heart
they'll never have
to feel sorry
or helpless
because they'll never
know and you'll make it
through the next day
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 6 5
Shatter Into A Million Pieces
have you ever
stared at your reflection
for hours, picking
out everything
that's wrong
all the spots
and blemishes the
dark rings
and cracked lips
have you ever
stared at your reflection
increasingly saddened by
what you see, the
unclean skin
and ugly features
have you ever
wished so
hard that all that
prodding and poking, all
those tears and
money spent on makeup
would actually do something
but when you
stare at yourself all
dolled up, ready to face
the world, really you're
just that same ugly face
scared to look and
scared to take your eyes away
have you ever
stared at your reflection
wishing the mirror would
shatter, and you
along with it
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 29 16
Hello There by L-E-M Hello There :iconl-e-m:L-E-M 14 2
What Would You, If I?
What would you do
If I died today?
    If I killed myself?
Would you cry
Or would you sigh
                     in relief
That I was gone
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 8 0
Edge and Point
It's one of those days
When every edge
Every vaguely sharp point becomes appealing
And puts me in mind
Of what I could achieve with it
Every little thing
Can remind me of the blood and the pain
That I can bring myself
That sweet relief from the anxieties of this world
That brief repose in the pressures and responsibilities of life
Every edge and point
A butter knife, or pair of scissors
A compass point, or knitting needle
Those razorblades I've collected over the years
Every thought
Turns to blood
How deep could I cut with this?
How much would that hurt?
And every scar
Only spurs you on to find that sweet release
Because they aren't any kind of deterrent
But a reminder of the lovely escape you can find in a simple sharp edge
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 3 1
Delicious Red
Delicious red
Sharp steel
Come bring me what evades me
I'm losing control
Splitting slowly
Like freeze-thaw in rock
Crack by crack
With the ice
And water
Delicious red
Sharp steel
Come bring me what I need
Sink your razor teeth
Into flesh and bring forth
My delicious red
Oh sharp steel
Come bring me what I desire
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 8 10
Just Trying
Here I am
Just a girl,
And here I sit
Knees up to my chest,
Here I stand
With trembling hands and runaway breathing,
And here I lie
Curled tightly in a ball, tired eyes staring at the dark wall
Here I am
Just a scared little girl,
And here I sit
Clinging to myself so desperately,
Here I stand
Barely upright, trying to show I'm okay,
And here I lie
Thrashing and screaming at the nightmare I can't let go
Here I am
Just a girl
Trying to get through
  Each day
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 29 18
I'm tired.
Of running down halls
Down corridors
Through doors
And solid gates
I'm tired.
Of escaping
This hell I was dragged
Kicking and screaming
I'm tired.
Of running away
Only to wake up
          With a start
Back in this room
This prison
Where I am beaten
And raped
And humiliated
          Every day
          Every hour
Every minute
          I am tortured
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 8 8
Old Habits
I find myself
Reverting back
Steeling a cut or two
Before my head hits the pillow
And I find myself
Reverting back
Keeping it quiet
There's no need to worry anyone, right?
It's nothing big
Just a little blood
To ease my mind into sleep
But it'll stay
Just my little secret
Until one day I realise
The blood isn't so little
And the secret not so small
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 9 15
A magical white blanket
Covering all with its gentle, sparkling flakes
Turning blank faceless trees
Into beautiful works of nature's architecture
And by midday
You can find those magical creatures of winter
Snowmen and snow angels
Littering the lawns and fields and playgrounds
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 2 4
Give In, Give Up
I wonder what it would be like
If I finally gave in,
Gave up
Let myself drift away
What would it be like
To slip out of this world
Along with the blood flowing from my wrist
How would it feel
To run that blade deep
And watch my very lifeblood run free
Of my confining veins and arteries
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 4 11
Never Answer
Why do you never answer
When I call
Never reply
When I scream for help
Maybe it's because
My screams are just
Soft whimpers that you can't hear
That get drowned out
By the noise of everyday life
Maybe it's because you don't care
Maybe you hear the screams
You see the pain
But you turn away
Because you don't want to deal with this
Pathetic mess of
Tears and blood
That you know is a hopeless cause
Maybe you don't hear
Maybe you don't care
Maybe you don't know what you're meant to be listening for
But you never answer
When I call
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 11 2
Back to the Old Days
You get so caught up
In the misery
That you forget what it feels like
To be happy
Then you catch a break
And things change
You find yourself slowly creeping out
Of that comfortable space you made deep inside your mind
You allow yourself to smile
You hurt yourself less
And you think things are really changing
That you're happy
But it's only temporary
And the sadness closes in again
The misery takes over
And you find yourself sinking
Sinking back into that dwelling in your mind
That you thought you'd left, moved on from
But it's still there
Waiting for you to return
Like it knew you wouldn't make it
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 12 10
A Blinding Whirlwind
Blinded by what you see
And what others don't
The whirlwind of pain
That sucks you down so easily
That forces you to see
What you perceive as reality
       Your own unworthiness
       And your selfishness
       Your ugliness
       And your failures
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 8 5
See Me
You don't see me
Because I don't let you
To protect myself
And to protect you
    From the horrors of my mind
You say you can take it
That you can bear to hear
The trauma and the violence
But what if you can't?
And what if I,
In revealing to you my best kept secrets,
Traumatise myself further
Now that it's out in the open
For you to see
For you to judge
                     As disturbed
                     A liability
What if hearing what you say you can hear
Drives you away
:iconl-e-m:L-E-M 28 21


Playing it macro by woxys Playing it macro :iconwoxys:woxys 564 47 Caracal ZONE by woxys Caracal ZONE :iconwoxys:woxys 2,250 132 I can't Save them All by Dahlieka I can't Save them All :icondahlieka:Dahlieka 1,981 355 Long Walk by War-Shark Long Walk :iconwar-shark:War-Shark 5 13 Muuuuuum by Svenimal Muuuuuum :iconsvenimal:Svenimal 6,559 923 Papilio machaon by Taiyo85 Papilio machaon :icontaiyo85:Taiyo85 18 6 reef scene by markstewart reef scene :iconmarkstewart:markstewart 145 57 Joy by woxys Joy :iconwoxys:woxys 797 63 Sweet, sweeter, baby tiger. by woxys Sweet, sweeter, baby tiger. :iconwoxys:woxys 4,451 250 Love Never Dies by ginabina007 Love Never Dies :iconginabina007:ginabina007 40 73 Adam Glambert by Cataclysm-X Adam Glambert :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 5,756 1,269 Anthem for a 17-Year-Old Girl by kitelife Anthem for a 17-Year-Old Girl :iconkitelife:kitelife 6 3 fish by sandara fish :iconsandara:sandara 3,740 283 Amber cat by woxys Amber cat :iconwoxys:woxys 2,117 152 2011056...tortoise beetle by Trutze 2011056...tortoise beetle :icontrutze:Trutze 85 26



Hope for Justice :D
United Kingdom
I'm a Christian

I read lots

I write, draw, take photos

I'm a student studying forensic anthropology

I love music

I can appreciate most good music but rock, metal, sleaze etc are more my cup of tea

Speaking of, I love tea

I love the night sky

I love animals

I'm a gooey mess with baby anything be it human, furry, reptile, fish etc

I want to travel far and wide someday

I'm not the most emotionally stable person in the world

Current Residence: Cheshire
Favourite genre of music: hard to say
MP3 player of choice: A Sony something or other


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